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UNA LUNE- artist Ina Lukauskaitė


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INA LUKAUSKAITĖ was born on January 10, 1965 in Gargždai.
1987 I graduated from Kaunas Technical School of Applied Arts with a degree in artistic design.
From 1984 to 1996 I lived and worked in Kaunas and Vilnius.
I currently live and work in Gargždai.
I have issued commemorative postcards, and in 1998 I won the main prize in the Christmas postcard competition announced by the publishing house "Saulės vėjas". I create original paintings in mixed media, I can reproduce them by creating miniatures, postcards, parchments, paintings for the interior.

Solo exhibitions
1998 - in Kretinga, "Vyninė".
1998- in Gargždai, in the reading room of the Culture Center library.
1999- in Gargždai, in the reading room of the Culture Center library
2000- Gargždai, ...... ibid
2001- Klaipeda Artists' House
2004- in Kretinga, "Špitolė"
2007-personal exhibition in Gargždai Region Museum

Group exhibitions, creative camps
2003- Art deco gallery in Klaipeda.
2006- creative plein air "Atrlabas" in Nida.
2007- group exhibition "Bedroom" in Klaipėda Artists' Union Gallery.
2007- creative plein air "Artlabas" in Nemerseta and joint plein air exhibition in Klaipeda hotel "Navalis"
2007-Republican exhibition "From Grandmother's Chest", Klaipeda Artists' Union Gallery
2007-creative seminar at the Cultural Communication Center "Christmas
postcards and angels "
2009-Klaipeda Artists' Union Gallery exhibition "Portrait of a Woman"
2009- Literatų street project. Dedications to writers Sara Poisson and TARudok
2010-Christmas exhibition in Panevėžys gallery XXX.
2010- Christmas exhibition "Purple Time" on the theme of angels. Ministry of Health (Vilnius)
2012- exhibition in Klaipeda Artists' Union gallery 5-spaces

2014- exhibition "Ru2uo" in Klaipeda Artists' Union Gallery 5-spaces

2018- Art / Box project in NYC with work "Victory"

2018 - plein air in Georgia "Grape season in Sakartvele"

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